Osman Episode 104 Urdu

Osman Episode 104 Urdu


Kurulus Osman Episode 104 with Urdu Subtitles:

Osman Episode 104 with Urdu Subtitles, Kurulus Osman quantity-103 results in a situation where we see Osman
and his infantrymen trapped in a cave, that’s how the Episode ends.

At the beginning of the trailer, Olof says that Osman’s death will throw Yenisehir into chaos. Olof thinks that
Osman and his squaddies died in that cave. Essentially, Osman will no longer die in this area. Because Osman
changed into a Ghazi, he died in mattress.

Kurulus Osman Episode 104 Urdu Subtitles

While From this Episode, it could be understood that Osman Bey will not be a martyr, this is, he’ll not die on the battlefield.
From this, we will speak about the opportunity, that Osman Bey will trap Olof in order that he’ll think that he
died in that cave. He’s another lure for Olof.

There’s a story behind Orhan Gazi’s turning into a beam. That tale is that Frigg got here to know about the gold
stolen with the aid of Bynder Bey. While Bynder went out to shop for garments from his assistant Hossein Frigg,
Frigg found out that the gold cash in Hossein’s fingers were Byzantine gold coins. Now it could occur that Frigg
follows Hossain and exposes the treachery to Bynder.

Kurulus Osman Episode 104 Urdu Subtitles

Then Kantakogenus will want to kill Baindar Bey, whilst Malhun Hatun, or Turgut Bey, or a person stops him,
Kantakogenus will say your bim is not present to choose. In this area, Malhun Hatun will say, even if Osman Bey
isn’t always present right here, his son Orhan is gift here. This is, the father’s worthy son is gift here.

There are possibilities for Osman Bey’s return.

1st possibility:-
Inside the first trailer, it became seen that Osman died, in the 2d trailer it became seen that Osman is back,
Kurulu’s Osman target audience knew that Osman will now not die because he is Ghazi.

A number of the testimonies of Dirilis come to thoughts at this place, they are: – Victory of Hanli Bazar with
the aid of Artgrul demise, Victory of Eres’s fortress Kulujahisa. Moreover, Osman conquered Karajahisar via
appearing to death in season one.

Kurulus Osman Episode 104 Urdu Subtitles

Absolutely everyone in those places concept Artgrul become useless. Likewise, Olof and Kantakuzebus will make
agree with that Osman is dead, and Olof and Kantakuzebus will accept as true with of their hearts that Osman is dead.

However, They’ll think, now we can without problems take lower back our lands, which Osman took away from us,
after they attack them, they will see Osman Bey in the front of them.

2 opportunities:- As we have seen in trailer-02, Oktem Bey says, Marmarajik citadel will be captured by way of Osman,
inform the Turks to be ready, from this it’s far understood that Osman will without delay assault Marmarajik fort,
and victory can also or might not occur. We’ve got seen within the trailer, Osman’s Alpes had been all fighting in a
Christian fortress, possibly a Marmarajic citadel.

Many Kurulus Osman site visitors said that perhaps we can now not see the agreement once more, Mehmed Buzdag Sir
proved them incorrect all over again. while Right here in the trailer, we’ve got seen Osman talking about
returning to the agreement with Bala.

While some Questions stay here, the old flag of Kayi Basati, and the shadow of a person.

These questions can be replied in two methods:-

1- perhaps Osman Gazi is seeing some thing in his dream,
2-Or a person new is going to arrive, While who can be Hasan Alp, Akcha Kocha, or any historic man or woman.
We are able to see Kanur Alp preventing the infidels on Osman Ber’s facet in the subsequent episode.

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