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Kurulus Osman Episode105 Urdu:

Kurulus Osman Episode105 Urdu will release today. and we will try to uplaoded with Urdu
Subtitles it on TRTseries as soon as possible. we are able to analyze the second trailer of
Kurulus Osman Episode one hundred and five, every other news is doing the rounds on social media,
Boran Alp is leaving the series very soon, we are able to also speak in this video how true it’s miles.
I will attempt So watch this short however essential video till the stop

Kurulus Osman Episode one zero five Urdu Subtitles

As we noted in our previous video, Ismihan Sultan might be operating in opposition to Osman Bey,
but within the second trailer of Episode 105, Ismihan Sultan is visible
as Aleem Shah from season 3 and sits in Osman Bey’s seat.

However this time the context might be one of a kind, due to the fact when Ismihan Sultan arrives there,
he will sit in Osman Bey’s seat and blame Osman Bey, after which Osman Bey will come, and Osman Bey
could be irritated because he has eliminated the Seljuk flag and the Qa’i troops and positioned the
Seljuk squaddies in price, and without delay Ismihan He would stroll to Hatun, wherein Ismihan could
inform Sultana Osman Bey to stay in his possession, as the Seljuks have been still the advanced country.

As we stated, the state of affairs could be exclusive this time, in view that Osman Bey broke his
ties with the Seljuk state and declared his personal state in season 3, Osman Bey will threaten
him if any in their hands come in the direction of us with incorrect intentions,

Kurulus Osman Episode one hundred and five Urdu Subtitles

We can ruin that hand, a comparable dialogue Osman Bey had stated in advance, here i am the head
and i am the kingdom. He might not forestall at the hazard of Osman Ber, to weaken Osman Bey
and end Osman Bey like Alim Shah, persevering with his treachery.

There may be battles in this episode, as in the first trailer, Osman Bey is preventing Byzantine troops,
even as within the 2nd trailer, Olof’s troops are combating,

Kurulus Osman Episode 105 Urdu Subtitles

After this battle Olof’s plan can be weakened, he will ought to make new and stronger plans and
could need some traitors and greater squaddies, and he will discover Bandar Beke as a traitor.

Also, there are numerous rumors approximately Boran Alp’s dying, it is stated that the actor who played
Boran Alp is going to go away the collection soon as part of the fictional person’s departure from
the collection! Formally even though this has no longer been showed! The facts is known from some
dependable resources in Turkey!

Kurulus Osman Episode a hundred and five Urdu Subtitles

However for now, we don’t suppose so, with Boran combating Osman Bey and arriving
appropriately in Yenisehir as seen within the trailer. If he became to be martyred,
he turned into proven injured inside the trailer to boost the episode’s ratings,
but now not a unmarried scene turned into proven, proving the rumors incorrect.





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