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Love 101
Ask 101 (Love 101)


love 101 (Ask 101):

Love 101 Original name is Ask (Ashk) 101. Ask in Turkish language means Love.
And Love 101 is a very famouse Netflix turkish drama series.
However, the Amazing fact is it’s IMDB rating is 7.5 (Ask IMDB Raking).
now decided to post this amazin tv sereis again for thos who missed it in 2021.



About love 101 (Ask 101):

The story begins in present-day Istanbul when a woman named Işık (Bade İşçil)
arrives at an old house. There he remembers the past and the friends of his youth.
In 1998, a group of youngsters (Eda, Osman, Sinan and Kerem) studying at
a school in Istanbul face expulsion for their bad behavior.
They are very different from their classmates, so they are very lonely.
The principal and most of the teachers are against them.
So only one teacher named Burcu (Pınar Deniz) is making great efforts to protect the teenagers.
However, they find out that Burcu will be relocate.
which means that everyone will be expelled after their move. To prevent this,
the students get together and devise a plan. The students learn that according to the law,
So she can choose her own job if she is married. They decide that they will try to make
Burcu fall in love with the new gym teacher Kemal (Kaan Urgancıoğlu)
so that he can stay in Istanbul.nPretty soon they find out that Burcu is already in
However, a “happy” relationship and it won’t be easy to get him to stay.
So they ask for help from Işık (İpek Filiz Yazıcı), an excellent student and a girl with a big heart.
He soon becomes part of their group. This union helps students change for the better,
understand themselves, see the meaning of true friendship, find love and their own path in life.

Eda (Alina Boz):

Eda (Alina Boz) aspires to be a graphic designer even though her family wants her
to earn money and is already preparing her for social mobility.
However, Osman (Selahattin Paşalı) is a young entrepreneur trying to get out of poverty
by always looking for a job. So senile grandfather aged 14 after his family divorced.
So Kerem (Kubilay Aka), a basketball player who was expelled from the school team,
is also struggling to be the son of a very famous person in Turkey.

Ask 101 (love 101) Seasons:

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