kurulus osman Urdu subtitles episode 115

Kuruluş osman Episode 115 season 4 with Urdu subtitles
kurulus osman Urdu subtitles episode 115


kurulus osman Urdu subtitles episode 115


The latest episode of Kurulus Osman begins with Ismihan Sultan’s devious plan to undermine Alchechik’s affection towards Aktemur. She apologizes for previous events and assures Alchechik that she will be betrothed to Aktemur. Alchechik is shocked and does not believe Ismihan Sultan.

Comical Scenes Featuring Olgen Hatun and Jerkutai TRTsereis

The episode also features some comedic scenes with Olgen Hatun and Jerkutai. Olgen Hatun is undergoing training with Jerkutai, but their session is interrupted by the arrival of Guburuz Alp. Guburuz Alp causes a commotion, making Jerkutai angry. However, Guburuz informs Jerkutai that Osman Bey is summoning him. Osman Bey assigns Jerkutai and Olgen Hatun with new duties and sends them to Kobruhisar to gather information.

Searching for Sultan Masood in Episode 115 TRTseries

Ismihan Sultan sends his vizier to Obai tribe to search for Sultan Masood. The vizier returns with information to Osman Bey, including a letter from Alauddin. Meanwhile, Sultan Masud is taken to a secret location by Kumral Abdal, and Orhan and Alauddin Bey arrive with food for the Sultan as instructed by Osman Bey.

When Ismihan Sultan’s soldiers see Orhan and Alauddin Bey, Orhan devises an emergency plan. Sultan Masud and Kumral Abdal change their clothing and escape with Alauddin, while Ismihan Sultan’s soldiers pursue Kumral Abdal. Orhan kills the soldiers when they try to kill Kumral Abdal.

Call to War in kurulus Osman Episode 115 TRTseries

Osman Bey sends messages to the leaders of all tribes, asking for their support for Sultan Masood. The Mongols send a message to Ismihan Sultan, demanding that Osman Bey surrender and increase taxes. However, Ismihan Sultan convenes a meeting of the powerful individuals at the border area. Osman Bey reads the message and beheads the messenger, declaring that he and his followers are ready for war.

Capturing Inagol Qilla TRTseries

Emperor Andrenikos Olof sends a large army to attack the Muslims after the death of Kantakazanos. Kalam Shah Bey and Zander Bey object, but Osman Bey states that he will defeat the Mongols just as he defeated Geyhatu. Bynder Bey joins forces with Olof and betrays Ismihan Sultan, helping Olof to capture Inegul while Turgut Bey and others were at the wedding of Aktemur and Alchechik. The episode ends with a soldier informing them that Inegul has been captured.

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