kurulus osman arabic subtitles Episode115

Kuruluş osman arabic subtitles episode 115 season4
kurulus osman arabic subtitles Episode115


kurulus osman arabic subtitles Episode115

Recap: Osman Bey Unites the Beys

Osman Bey is determining to confront the threat posed by Nayman. He wants to unite the Beys to face this danger and speaks to them about Nayman’s intention to make their homeland a living hell. However, the Beys are divided in their response to Osman Bey’s offer of unity.

The Formation of an Army Against Nayman

The disagreement among the Beys leads to the formation of an army against Nayman. But, much to everyone’s surprise. Osman Bey is banned from participating in the army by Ismihan Sultan. While The reason behind Osman’s ban remains unclear, which raises questions about the effectiveness of the army without Osman’s leadership.

Nayman’s Arrival Causes troubles

Nayman’s arrival in Kayı Obası causes a stir among the people as he sees Osman Bey as the commander. While, he questions Ismihan Sultan about Osman’s whereabouts, leaving everyone surprised and intrigued.

Osman Bey’s Unwavering Resolve

Despite the ban, Osman Bey is not discourage and continues to plan his strategy to defeat Nayman. Meanwhile, He gathers Turgut Bey and the Alps to face Nayman and is determining to emerge victorious, with unwavering resolve.

Healing for Orhan Bey TRTseries

Efforts to Heal Orhan Bey, The well-being of Orhan Bey is a concern for everyone in Kayı Obası. And efforts are being made to heal him. Meanwhile, Bengi Hatun declares that the post of leadership belongs to Aladdein Bey as Orhan cannot walk. Will Bala Hatun and Malhun be able to bring the wolves under their control?

Frigg in Bala Hatun’s Control in kurulus osman Episode 115

Anyhow, Frigg is now in the hands of Bala Hatun, adding another layer of complexity to the already tense situation in Kayı Obası. Meanwhile, Frigg finds itself in trouble.

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