Kurulus Osman Episode109 Urdu

kurulus osman Episode 109 season 4 with Urdu subtitles
Kurulus Osman Episode109 Urdu


Kurulus Osman Episode109 Urdu, In the beginning of the latest episode of “Kurulus Osman,” we see that Osman Bey has
returned to Ineşihar after being captured by Ismihan Sultan’s soldiers at the Marmarajik fortress. The capture was
due to Bala Hatun kidnapping Oktem Ber’s daughter, Alchechik, and Ismihan Sultan holding Osman Bey and Malhun Hatun
responsible for the situation. while Osman Bey escaped from the fortress out of fear that poison was waiting for him outside,
but it turns out there was nothing there.

Bandar Bey becomes extremely angry about the failed marriage and Osman Bey vows to take revenge. Bandar Bey brings the
complaint to Oktem Bey, who becomes angry and leaves for Inesihar. Alchechik is sitting with Aktemur and crying while
discussing the events that occurred. Alchechik doesn’t believe Aktemur when he says that Olof told him about Alchechik’s
marriage to Bandar Bey, but Alchechik agreed to the marriage due to Bandar Bey’s absence.

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