Kurulus Osman Episode109 English

kurulus osman Episode 109 season 4 with English subtitles
Kurulus Osman Episode109 English


Review of Kurulus Osman episode 109 with English subtitles:

Kurulus Osman Episode109 English, Osman manages to escape the castle with barrels full of gunpowder and announces his new plan
to take the castle from Turgut. Bayindir declares that he will seek revenge on Osman, but Oktem tries to calm him down and
assures him that he will retrieve Alcicek. Bengi continues to provoke her husband as usual. Alcicek learns about what
happened to Aktemur and begins to cry, but Aktemur eventually wakes up and sees Alcicek. Alcicek apologizes, but Aktemur
tells her that he doesn’t want her anymore because she broke her promise. Turgut advises Sultan to be cautious about Osman,
but Ismihan reassures Turgut and reveals that she has a plan. Osman arrives at the castle with his soldiers
and enters the throne room, where Ismihan tells him it is wrong for him to take the castle.

message from Konya

In Kurulus Osman Episode 109, Ismihan shows Osman a message from Konya and informs him that Inegol now belongs to Turgut. Osman declares that he will never surrender his lands without a fight. Ismihan threatens to take many things from Osman and calls on Kantakuzenos for assistance. Oktem arrives at the mansion and demands the return of his daughter, and a war between the soldiers seems imminent until Bala intervenes and calms Oktem. Meanwhile, Bengi starts shouting in front of the mansion and Malhun argues with her. Alcicek arrives and says she wants to go back to the castle, surprising Aisha, but Aktemur’s decision cannot be changed. Kantakuzenos reveals that he made a deal with Ismihan, and Osman must accept the new conditions or risk Ismihan destroying his city. Osman realizes that Ismihan wants the castles on the border and asks for time to consider the offer.

Samarga is taking revenge on Osman bey

In Kurulus Osman Episode 109, Turgut sees Konur talking to Osman and quickly informs Ismihan. Ismihan goes to the mansion with Marta and the Mongolian commander Samagar receives a message from Ismihan to kill Osman. Ismihan doesn’t like the food in the mansion and starts discussing the events involving Alcicek. She asks the women in the mansion to apologize to Bengi, but Bala argues with Ismihan and even draws her sword. Ismihan then instructs Marta to turn the mansion into a palace. Aladdin goes to the palace in Konya and requests a meeting with the Sultan, and Dursun helps the Turks gain access to the palace. Osman searches for Mesut’s room and eventually finds it, but Samarga emerges from hiding and captures Osman. Bayindir declares that he will take his revenge on Osman this time.



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