Who Was Selcan Hatun

Who Was Selcan Hatun

Selcan Hatun (Princess Saljan).
Also know as Shehzada Selcan.
and the character is adopted as Saljan Hatun
in the Trukish drama series Drilis Ertugrul and Kurulus Osman.
She was a noblewomen of the Kayi tribe of Turkish.
And the wife of Gondugdu Bey.
the mother of Suleman and ilteken bey.
and her sister was Gukchi hatun.
they both were adopted the Leader of the
Kayi tribe Suleman shah and the mother o
kayi Tribe Hayman Ana.
And later on she fell in love with Gundugdu Bey
(the son of Suleman shah).
and she married with Gundugdu bey.
While her sister was in love with Ertugrul, the Brother of Gundugdu and the son of Suleman shah.
but Ertugrul was not in love with her.
In the Beginning in season 1, Selcan hatun was a negative control on her Husband.

Gokce hatun

She always put something negative in her husband mind.
She wanted to be marry her Younger sister Gokce hatun
to Ertugrul ghazi in Season 1 of Dirilis Ertugrul.

In Season 2, Seljan and Halima were closest friend as like sisters.
they both were one in every trouble and help each others.
both depends each others in season 2.
Once Aytolun attack on Helima and Seljan saved her life when they were trying to kill her.

Seljan was always being faithful to Halima sultan. while in Season 3, Seljan anna was full loyal to the Kayi tribe and she never negative to the tribe. she was the noblewomen and loyal till death. she always give mother loves to Ertugrul, Osman and to Gundoz. she died in Season 3 of Kurulus Osman Episode 91.




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