Osman Episode 95 English

Kurulus Osman Episode 95 with English Subtitle
Kurulus Osman Episode 95 with English Subtitle


Osman Episode 95 English:

Osman Episode 95 English will be release on May-25-2022 Wednesday 10:00.

we will take a look on the Previous Episode of Osman Episode 94 English subtitles.
as we know that the Episode 94 where amazing and we also see that Gunduz bey martyred
and Osman bey kill Nikola.

Osman Bey broken the Initial door of Inagol Qila and then they
break another door and they entered into Inagol Qila.
and a strong fight happens. during the fight Gunduz was fighting
strongly and Gunduz bey was unstoppable. he go up into the fort
and fight with many enemies at a time. unluckily 3 or 4 Enemies attack on Gunduz bey.
he get very deep wounds. he attack back and kill their enemies.
but Gunduz bey lost his Enegry and he fall dow from the wall height.

Charkutay come down and protect Guzduz bey. Osman bey continues his fighting
and when Nikola know all his Army killed by Osman bey then Nikola run away from the Secret way.
Osman bey chase him and at last he found his secrete way and Osman bey entered there.

In this time the Kayi tribes women’s also arrive to the Qila after search out Orhan bey.
the women’s also fight with their mens and they also take wounded Alps to the Medication room.
they also found that Gunzua bey is deeply hurted and Charkutay is crying wile setting there.

After long chase of Nikola by Osman Bey. Osman bey found Nikola and start fighting with Nikola.
after a warm fighting he arrest Nikola and then he decides to cut off his neck.

Anyway, they get the Ingol and completely in their control. but in this Episode we lost Gunduz bey.
while Gunduz bey was under medication but he close his eyes for ever and martyred.

While Amparaton (The Christ king) send 2 wazir to release Nikola.
They offer Gold to Osman bey to release Nikola.
But Osman bey said there is nothing to offer that can release Nikola from me.
And Osman Bey cut off his neck.

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    • Series: Kurulus Osman Season 3, Episode 95
    • Language: Turkish (English, Urdu & Arabic Subtitles)
    • Release Date: 25 –May– 2022
    • Production: ATV

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