Kurulus Osman with English Subtitles episode113

Kuruluş osman Episode 113 season 4 with English subtitles
Kurulus Osman with English Subtitles episode113


Kurulus Osman Episode 113 with English Subtitles:

Kuruluş Osman with English Subtitles episode113 was released on date 17-January-2023 and then on the very next day we post it on TRTseries.

Ismehan sultana want to gather all bays:

In episode 113 of Kurulus Osman, Ismehan hatoon calls for an urgent meeting of all the Bays into her tent (Commanders of the Tribes) to discuss mangools issue. The Mongolian Commander has sent a man to the Qayi tribe, announcing that Nayman Commander is on his way to the tribe. As a result, Ismehan Khatoon wants to bring all the Bays together to address this problem.

Osman Bay responsible for Mongols:

In this episode, Osman Bay is deemed responsible for the situation. All the Bays acknowledge that Osman Bay is in charge and that he is the one who will have to deal with Nayman. Despite knowing that the Qayi tribe is smaller than mangoolian army, Osman Bay finds himself in a state of anxiety. After the meeting with Ismehan hatoon, Osman Bay declares that they will fight, but they will not surrender even an inch of land to the Mongols for free, as they have fought and shed blood for this land.

Olof and Inagol Qila:

Meanwhile, Olof has set his sights on Inagol Qila. As Osman Bay is occupied with the threat of the Mongolians, Olof takes advantage of the opportunity to reclaim Inagol. He gathers a large army of Bezanteni and his own soldiers and launches an attack on Inagol while Osman Bay and Turgot Bay are away at a meeting with another tribe. Olof successfully takes control of Inagol, killing all the armies inside the qila. When Osman Bay returns, he discovers that Inagol is now under Olof’s control.

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