kurulus osman season 4 episode 114 urdu subtitles

Kuruluş osman season 4 episode 114 Urdu subtitles
kurulus osman season 4 episode 114 Urdu subtitles


kurulus osman season 4 episode 114 urdu subtitles

The episode begins with Ismihan Sultan’s plan to conspire against Alchechik. She tries to reignite old love in Alchechik’s heart and assures him that she will be given in marriage to Aktemur. Alchechik is shocked by Ismihan’s sudden change in behavior and finds it hard to believe her.

Meanwhile, the episode features some comical scenes of Olgen Hatun and Cherkutai. Olgen Hatun is being trained by Cherkutai, but their training session is interrupted by Guburuz Alp. Cherkutai becomes angry with Guburuz, but later Guburuz informs Cherkutai that Osman Bey is calling him.

New Duties for Cherkutai and Olgen Hatun

Osman Bey gives new duties to Cherkutai and Olgen Hatun and asks them to go to Kobruhisar to gather news. Olgen Hatun is horrified but happy to hear that Cherkutai will be accompanying him.

The Arrival of Ismihan Sultan in kurulus osman episode 114

Ismihan Sultan arrives at Basti, looking for Sultan Masud. When Osman Bey does not invite him inside, Ismihan Sultan becomes somewhat angry. He sends his vizier to look for Sultan Masud and gives a letter signed by Alauddin to Osman Bey regarding all the matters. Osman Bey tears up the letter and sends Ismihan Sultan away.

The Rescue of Sultan Masud in kurulus osman season 4 episode 114 TRTseries

When Osman Ber’s soldiers, Orhan and Alauddin Bey, arrive with food for Sultan Masud, they come up with an emergency plan when they are confronted by Ismihan Sultan’s soldiers. The Sultan and Kumral Abdal change their clothes and send the Sultan away with Alauddin. The soldiers of Ismihan Sultan start chasing after Kumral Abdal, but Orhan Bey kills them before they can harm Kumral Abdal.

The Beylik Meeting in kurulus Osman Episode114 Urdu

Osman Bey sends messages to the Vedas of all the settlements, ensuring that all the Beras are on the side of Sultan Masud. The Mongols double the taxes and ask Osman out, but Ismihan Sultan calls for a special meeting with the big men of the border area. When Osman Bey arrives at the meeting, he slaps a soldier who tries to bar him with a sword. After reading a message in front of everyone, Osman Bey cuts off the messenger’s head and declares that they are ready for war.

The Arrival of War in Kurulus Osman Episode114 Urdu TRTseries

Emperor Andrenikos Olof sends a large force to attack the Muslims after the death of Kantakazanos. Kalam Shah Bey and Zander Bey protest this decision, but Osman Bey replies that he will defeat the Mongols with the same force he used to defeat Geyhatu.

Meanwhile, Bynder Bey joins forces with Olof and takes a box of gold for him. He complains to Olof about Ismihan Sultan and becomes even angrier when Ismihan Sultan marries Alchechik. Olof attacks and occupies Inegul with a large force provided by the emperor, while Baindar helps him. The marriage ceremony of Aktem

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