kurulus osman Episode117 arabic subtitles

Kuruluş osman arabic subtitles Episode 117
kurulus osman Episode117 arabic subtitles


kurulus osman Episode117 arabic subtitles

In kurulus osman arabic subtitles Episode 117, tensions rise as Turgut investigates the recent crisis in Inegol. Olof, the antagonist, threatens to kill Turgut, while executing the Turks in the castle. Furious, Turgut leaves for his tribe, while Usman refrains from attacking Olof for the time being. Konur reveals the betrayal of some guards and claims Ismihan is innocent. Later, Usman receives a message from Konya, indicating a significant force led by Neyman is heading towards the palace with 40,000 soldiers.

To prepare for the impending battle, Usman visits Kalesi, offering him land near the Byzantine border, and proposing a fight against the Mongols. Karesi agrees but needs time to contemplate Usman’s offer, knowing that Aktemur, a young and impulsive member of his tribe, could complicate matters. Meanwhile, Selktai enters Inegol disguised as a priest, and Usur and Aktemur engage in a fight.

The situation is not only tense but also concerning for Marhun, who prays for her son Orhan’s safety. Sheikh advises her to be patient, while Urgen and Serkhtai attend church. On the other hand, Olof seeks the priest’s help in assembling a Christian army to retake Inegol.

Osman kay tribe is in Trouble In kurulus osman Episode 117 arabic subtitles 

The tribe faces numerous challenges, including betrayals and the impending threat of war. They must unite and develop a strategy to survive under these circumstances. Their method of resolving disputes must also be cohesive and effective. The key to overcoming these difficulties lies in their unity and meaningfulness as a tribe.

To become united, the tribe must work towards a common goal and support one another. They must also establish open communication, trust, and respect among all members. Their method of resolving disputes must be fair and impartial, with a focus on finding solutions that benefit the entire tribe. It is only through these efforts that the tribe can survive and thrive in the face of adversity.

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In the last, Kurulus Osman Episode 117 highlights the challenges and tensions faced by the tribe. To overcome these difficulties, they must unite, communicate, and work towards a common goal. Their method of resolving disputes must also be cohesive and effective. Only through these efforts can the tribe survive and emerge stronger.






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