Kurulus Osman Episode111 Urdu

kurulus osman Episode 111 season 4 with Urdu subtitles
Kurulus Osman Episode111 Urdu


Kuruluş Osman Episode111 with Urdu subtitles can be expecting to release on 10-Jan-2023 on ATV. and we will try our best to
post it with Urdu, English and with Arabic subtitles on TRTseries. Kurulus osman is one of the best historical Turk
series drama by ATV. Every episode leftover an interesting and full of suspense scene.

We will discuss the prevoius episode 110, In Kurulus Osman Episode 10, Samagar searches for Osman in the forest while Osman
and Mesut discuss their plan. Sultan order an army to be prepared after learning of Mesut’s escape. Osman reveals Ismihan’s actions
to Mesut and asks for his support. Bala avoids talking to Malhun and goes to the lodge. The Alps fight the Mongols before retreating.
Sheikh visits Turgut and tells him a story. Osman discovers that Mesut has been poisoned and creates an antidote.
Ismihan kidnaps Mesut after learning that he is still alive. And Osman applies the antidote to Mesut’s wound and he awakens,
telling Osman about a seal that Ismihan possesses. Osman plans to obtain the seal. Olof’s soldiers are frustrated about losing the caves.

What actions will Osman Bey take to rescue Bala Hatun and Şeyh Edebalı?

Ismihan Sultan will use Olof as her deadliest weapon against Osman Bey. Upon reaching the dungeon to save Bala Hatun and Şeyh Edebalı, Osman Bey is facing with Olof and Ismihan Sultan. Ismihan Sultan’s gaze turns dark.
The only condition for sparing the lives of Bala Hatun and Şeyh Edebalı is the delivery of Sultan Mesud.
Will Osman Bey comply with this demand?


While Diseases was also spreading speedly in the tribe. In Söğüt, the contagious illness has spread extensively.
As they work to resolve the issue, Malhun Hatun and Kumral Abdal are meet with an unexpected threat.
incase, If a cure for the poison is not discover, the entire city will face destruction.
anyhow, Will they be able to uncover a remedy for the disease?

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