kurulus osman episode 83 with English subtitles

kurulus osman episode 83 with English subtitles:

Kurulus Osman Episode 83 with English Subtitles
Kurulus Osman Episode 83 with English Subtitles


kurulus osman episode 83 with English subtitles Review:

in Kurulus osman Episode 83 with English Subtitles, Osman Wants to kill Gunduz. but 1st he Ask to his Sheik. “Sheikh is it halal on me if i Punish (kill) my brother for his betray?”. Sheik said, Osman focus on the sympathy in his coronary heart and pardon Gunduz. Osman shocked and begins looking at Shiekh. Sheik asks Osman he should show mercy to his sibling. Osman notice that Sheik expressed and denied to kill Gunduz. Gunduz says he realize what he has Done in past and start looking on Osman. Mingiyan goes to Nikola’s post and says that he will check the infantrymen out. Nikola says he has a wonder and brings Rogatus. Nikola says that Rogatus knows about Osman’s area and starts offevolved to torment him. Osman requests that Gunduz commit for his error and requests that he put in force his arrangement. Rogatus can’t endure anything else and tells Mingiyan wherein Osman is.

Osman talk and assist to the Beys concerning that they willing to let join Nikola and enlighten them regarding the Emperor’s arrangement. The Beys quiet down after what Osman said. After the gathering, Osman asks to Gunduz about what he was playing with Geyhatu. Gunduz says he’ll not fail to remember his past till he die. at that point. Osman offer lunch to eat together with family. in next scene , Gungor visits the Vizier and lets him know what is going on inside the line area is getting bizarre with time. The vizier says that Geyhatu is the biggest difficulty in this land and he need to kill him rapidly. Gungor says he will be the next Sultan who kills Geyhatu. Osman discusses the past events and starts eating with his family members. Gunduz says he laments his error and needs to request a conciliatory sentiment from Selcan. Selcan needs to pardon Gunduz. Afterward, Malhun and Bala pardon Gunduz.

Kosses gets back to his fort and address Gunduz. Gunduz says that took this fort with blood, and Gunduz bey yet offer this for to gave it back to Kosses to satisfy Osman Bey requests. Geyhatu goes to the area, Rogatus said that this district is best for an attack. Nikola proposes his officers and says that he become the primary person to come here. Nikola proceeds to talk and tells that Rogatus has additionally come to fight. Geyhatu comes to realize that Mingiyan has been hoodwinked. Afterward, Osman accompanies with his companions and lets them know that he will kill Geyhatu so he will arrive at his place to damnation. Geyhatu says that these snares are of no utilization.
They won’t kill him. Mongolian squaddies start to bite the dust independently due to the toxic substance and Geyhatu feels that Osman made it happen. Gungor emerges from stowing away and says he’ll kill all individuals. Geyhatu begins offevolved to flee injured alongside his squaddies. Gungor assaults and harms Osman. While Osman is attempting to stop Geyhatu, the Vizier came there and stops everybody. and Wazir said not one will move.

  • Series Name: Kurulus Osman
  • Season: 3
  • Episode : Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 83
  • Language: Turkish (English Urdu & Arabic  Subtitles)
  • Release Date: 023 -Feb-2022
  • ProductionTRT

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