Kurulus Osman Episode 118 with Urdu Subtitles

kurulus-osman-season-4-episode-118-Urdu-subtitles TRTseries
kurulus-osman-season-4-episode-118-Urdu-subtitles TRTseries


Kurulus Osman Episode 118 with Urdu Subtitles

Kuruluş Osman Episode 118 with Urdu Subtitles released by ATV and Posted by TRTseries with Urdu subtitles
for the viewers for free.

Kurulus Osman Episode 118

Kuruluş Osman, Osman Ghazi. also known as Osman I. he was the founder of the Ottoman Empire. which lasted for over
six centuries and on wide territories in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Osman ghazi was Born in 1258 in the town of
Sogut in modern-day Turkey. Osman Ghazi was a faithful and ambitious type leader who united several Turkish tribes
under his flag and established a new state based on Islamic principles and military prowess.

Life Of Osman Ghazi
Osman Ghazi had several wives and concubines, who played important roles in his personal life and political career.
In this topic, we will explore About Osman Ghazi’s wives and lifestyle and shed light on some lesser-known aspects of his legacy.

Early Life and Rise to Power

Osman Ghazi was born in a Turkish nobles family who served the Seljuk Sultanate of Rum. Rum is the name of a powerful
Muslim state that ruled over Anatolia. Osman Ghazi became involved in the frontier wars between the Seljuks
and the Byzantine Empire.

In the early 14th century, Osman Ghazi rise as a leader of the Kayi tribe. one of the many Turkish clans that roamed
the countryside. while Osman ghazi quickly gained a reputation for his courage, wisdom, piety and attracted followers
from other tribes who recognized his leadership qualities.

Over the next two decades, Usman Ghazi led his army on a series of successful campaigns against neighboring states,
expanding his territory and consolidating his power. He also established a code of laws and regulations,
known as the Kanun-i-Osmani, that regulated the behavior of his subjects and reinforced his authority.

Osman Ghazi Wives and Family Life

Usman Ghazi had several wives and concubines throughout his life, who played important roles in his personal and
political affairs. According to historical sources, Usman Ghazi’s first wife was Malhun Hatun, the daughter of a
prominent Turkish chieftain.

Malhun Hatun bore Usman Ghazi four children, including his successor Orhan Ghazi, who continued his father’s legacy and
expanded the Ottoman Empire further. Malhun Hatun was known for her intelligence and devotion to her husband
and played an active role in managing the affairs of the court.

Usman Ghazi’s second wife was Rabia Bala Hatun, a noblewoman from the town of Inegol. Rabia Bala Hatun also bore Usman
Ghazi several children, including a daughter named Fatma Sultan who later became a prominent figure in Ottoman history.

Usman Ghazi also had other wives and concubines, whose names and roles are less well-known. However, it is clear that
Usman Ghazi valued the loyalty and support of his wives and treated them with respect and dignity.

Lifestyle and Legacy

Usman Ghazi was known for his ascetic lifestyle and devotion to Islam. He lived in a simple tent and wore plain clothes,
eschewing the trappings of wealth and luxury. He also observed strict religious practices, such as fasting and prayer,
and encouraged his followers to do the same.

Usman Ghazi’s legacy as a warrior, statesman, and founder of an empire has inspired generations of Muslims around the world.
His vision of a just and prosperous society based on Islamic principles continues to resonate today, and his example of courage,
wisdom, and piety remains a source of inspiration for those who seek to follow in his footsteps.
Usman Ghazi was a remarkable figure in Islamic history, whose life and legacy continue to inspire admiration and respect.







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