Kurulus Osman 93 Episode with English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman 93 Episode with English Subtitles
Kuruluş Osman 93 Episode with English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman 93 Episode with English Subtitles Review:

Kurulus Osman 93 Episode with English Subtitles release date is announced for 11-May-2022.
but we will discuss previous Episode 92 of kurulus osman.
Dawood blacksmith was monitoring the worker in the armors factory.
and suddenly Nikola appears on mountain with his army.
Nokila saw that Dawood blacksmith is monitoring factory workers.
Nokila order to his army to shot arrows on them.
one arrow hit Dawood ustad and Nokila army run toward the factory.
while Dawood yield to his workers and said come on my Lions take your swords.
a big clash happens in the armors factory. Nokila killed all factory workers and some are deeply wound.
in the last Nikola catch Dawood ustad.
Nikola said, Dawood ustad you preparing this all for to destroy us.
and Nokila burn his factory.
on the same time Oman bey and his Army are riding on the horses toward the Factory.
when Nokila get up his sword to cut Dawood’s neck, Boran Alp hit Nikola with bow.
and Nikola runway to the jungle. Osman bey chase him and catch him in the jungle.
and Osman bey said we will ask for Inagol qila for the exchange of Nikola.
if they refused to give Inagol qila then we will kill Nikola.

Osman bey bring Nikola to the Kayi tribe and every on hit and spite on Nikola.
and Iktaimor went to inagol qila and he tells to the roman commander
that Osman captured Nikola and soldiers. and he ask for inago qila in exchange
of Nikola and his Soldiers.
Sir Arios (fakikh ibrahim) said no need for anything.
Barkin will release Nikola.

Iktaimoor meet with his Mother in:

Ayesha was cooking in the tent and suddenly Iktaimoor Alp enters to the Tent.
Ayesha get shocked when she see her son Iktaimoor.
this was so emotional part between ayesha khatun and Iktaimoor.
Ayesha is hugging him and ask him to set for a little time but he
refused to set while he need to go back on his mission. Ayesha giving him prayers and he left.

Barkin Preparing to release Nikola:

Hisamudden came to Barkin tent and tells him “Men’s are ready my master Barkin”.
Barkin ask him you will also be with them when they ready to go.
and do not interfere, i don’t want flow the blood.
suddenly Barkin came to Osman bey tribe and he ask to Osman to help him.
He said they captured our soldiers, mens and my wife Salwey khatun. Osman ask did this.
Barin says the dog name is Romanos.
and he is demanding Nikola and all soldier in exchange of my wife Salwe khatun and for my tribe.
Osman bey says dont worry, did we leave anyone if they harm us?
and also ask to Barkin, tell us how they know about the Salwe khatun and the men’s?
they where traveling silently! who tell them about the way?
Barkin says we don’t know who tell them about them.
Osman bey said its ok. we will know all later.
while Osman bey worried about Salwe khatun and about barkin tribe men’s.
he went to the tent and release Nikola and ask him to go to his Qila.

How Arius (Fakikh ibrahim) killed by Osman bey?

Arius go to the mine while turgut bey went for exchange Nikiola with Salwe khatun
and the barkin tribe men’s. but Osman bey go to the mine side with his Army with full of Swords.
Arius army attack on Osman solders in mine and a big clash happens.
when Arius appears there. then Osman bey surround his.
and Arius stuck hard this time. he fight with Osman bey and Osman bey strike him with sword hardly.
at last this time Arius caught by Osman bey and removed his mask.
while Arius ask him how you caught me how? in night Iktaimor send him a letter through an arrow.
in letter he inform Osman bey about Arius planning.
and that how Osman bey success to catch and kill this Arius this time.

watch now Kurulus Osman 93 Episode with English Subtitles:

Osman 92 Bolum with English Subtitles to know the full story.

  • Series: Kurulus Osman Season 3, Episode 93
  • Language: Turkish (English, Urdu & Arabic Subtitles)
  • Release Date: 11 –May– 2022
  • Production: atv

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Osman Episode 93 with english subtitles
Osman Episode 93 with english subtitles


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