Kurulus Osman 91 bolum with Arabic titles

Kurulus Osman Episode 91 with Arabic Subtitles
Kurulus Osman Episode 91 with Arabic Subtitles


Kurulus Osman 91 bolum with Arabic titles:

In Kurulus Osman 91 bolum with Arabic titles (with English subtitles). among the trailer of Kurulus Osman Episode ninety one shows that Osman goes to Inagol Qila along with his two sons (Orhan and Alaaddin).
Osman says initial of all that they’re about to conquer Inegol then Bursa.
And put together Osman says that they’ll establish a good state before long and raises his sons as questions.
and Osman bey enters into a tunnel beside his sons.
once Orhan and Alaaddin Enter into the tunnel,
they see some peoples that they’re preparing for war.

in the Qayi Tribe, Ayigul investigate the carpet which will be sold-out shortly
and says she goes to send them. Bala sees that Selcan hatun continues to be examine
all the things and Bala hatun asks her to need rest at intervals the tent.
Selcan Replies that she is improbably happy to ascertain Ertuğrul tribe grow that much.
Osman bey exit for a rides alone for a couple of time then he prays to Allah.
And jerkutay later depart to travel wanting Osman Bay and shortly he finds Osman.
jerkutay tells him that alot of troopers are guarding the caravan.
Later on, Nikola meets with some few leaders and talks to them.

And Justin-yanus tries to Cooldown Mikhail Kosses.
And Angry Nikola says that he can kill Osman and every one in his Tribes at this wedding Ceremony.
Osman Bey Order to induce a grip on the caravan quickly right now.
which they Let Simon to inform Nikola what happened here among the caravan.
Suddenly Orhan bey sees Byzantine troopers and that they captured a girl in forest.
Orhan bey suddenly attacks once the Byzantine Army and let the girl free from Byzantine.

Watch now Kurulus Osman 91 bolum with Arabic titles on TRT series and enjoy the story.
  • Series Name: Kurulus Osman
  • Season: 3
  • Episode : Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 90
  • Language: Turkish (English, Urdu & Arabic Subtitles)
  • Release Date: 20 – April – 2022
  • Production: atv


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